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5D Ranch

Our Farm

We are a small family homestead.

Our kids love to take care of all of the animals here at 5D. They take pride in giving them lots of fruits and veggies! They love snuggling up the animals and giving them lots of attention! 

Our mission is to provide quality beef, chicken, and turkey that meets your needs. We take pride in our commitment to raising our animals responsibly with the utmost care and attention. Our meat is locally sourced and processed to ensure you receive the freshest, most delicious products.

5D Ranch is a local family-owned business. 5D Ranch takes great pride in our commitment to raising and selling quality beef, chicken, turkey and eggs!  We believe that healthy animals make healthy meat and eggs. Our farming practices are all sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our animals are on free range pastures, with feed from our local feed store. 

Our eggs are from hens that range freely on our green pastures and are allowed to forage outdoors all day without cages, pens or other confinement. They love snacking on fruits and vegetables!

To order a share of beef (Whole, half or quarter) please visit our "shop" page. When we get your deposit we’ll reserve your meat for you, send you a confirmation by email, and give you a date when your order will be ready for pick up.  

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