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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my beef cost?
    Prices for beef are per pound hanging weight so we don’t know the total until the animal is taken to the butcher after your order is placed. It takes two-three weeks to process beef. However, we find out the hanging weight just a few days after the animals are dropped off at the butcher. We let you know what your total is one to two weeks before your meat is ready for pick up.
  • What products do you have?
    We raise Beef, Organic Pastured Brown, White, Green/Blue Eggs and Pastured Free Range Eggs, Whole Chicken and Turkeys (available for thanksgiving only) on our small family farm. We also take pork pre-orders, pork will be ready in about 5-6 months, so make sure you call us ahead of time!
  • How much beef will I get? How much freezer space do I need?
    1/2 of Beef: ~260 to 300 lbs hanging weight will yield approximately 180 to 210 lbs of beef and will take up about 6 cu ft of freezer space. 1/4 of Beef: ~130 to 150 lbs hanging weight will yield approximately 90 to 110 lbs of beef and will take up about 3 cu ft of freezer space.
  • What do you feed your animals?
    Our cattle eat grass on pasture or hay when pasture isn’t available, they are finished with grain from our local feed store to give your meat the perfect marbling! Our poultry are raised on pasture and we use only Certified Organic Feed from our local feed store to supplement their forage, they also love getting fruit and veggie scraps.
  • What butcher do you use?
    We use Brower Farms in Brown city for your beef. We bring your beef to the butcher; you will need to pick it up from them. We cannot pick up your beef for you. A cut sheet will be sent to you via google docs, it is an online form and goes directly to Browers with your cut requests. Beef pickups are usually ready 2-3 weeks after drop off. Poultry pick up will be at our farm in Goodrich. If you pick up the day of processing the poultry will be fresh. If not, the turkey will be frozen to sustain freshness.
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