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$4.00/pound hanging weight

$75 deposit will be taken to hold your beef.

We will take your cow to the butcher, a few days later we will let you know your hanging weight and your total remaining balance. You will also neet to pay the butcher for your processing fees.


Browers fees:

$70.00 Cleaning fee

$20.00 Enviromental fee

$0.70 / pound whole or half

$ .75 / pound 1/4

**All prices based on hanging weight

**Prices subject to change


We bring your beef to the butcher; you will need to pick it up from them. We cannot pick up your beef for you. A cut sheet will be sent to you via google docs, it is an online form and goes directly to Browers with your cut requests. Beef pickups are usually ready 2-3 weeks after drop off.


Approximate weight yield:
half beef approx.  300 lbs to 400 lbs


Half Beef

Please contact us to see when we will have beef available.
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